Monty Program along with various guests and our friends at the recently founded SkySQL recently wrapped up a meeting in Istanbul Turkey. Sadly it rained most days but we had a good time and got a lot done.

Besides learning how to say “Şerefe” which is “Cheers” in Turkish, we discussed the future of MariaDB, our companies goals, the MariaDB knowledge base and many other topics. Since I am the web guy, I lead the presentation / talk on the KB and thought I would share some highpoints of it with you.

If you don’t know, the KB is located at The goal is to provide one location for MariaDB and MySQL documentation along with a place to ask questions (and have developers actually answer them). To start we have both information licensed under the GPL about MySQL, content from the “SQL-99 Complete, Really” book (still in the progress of adding the whole thing) and original articles by Daniel, Monty and others.

We want anyone to be able to create new articles, clean up existing content and categorize them but for the moment only editors can. This is a limitation in our permissions system that I will be addressing shortly. I also am in the planning stages of allowing all content to be translated into multiple language. If you would like to volunteer, keep reading this blog and I will let you know when it is ready.

The KB is written in python (Django) running against MariaDB. I wrote it over the course of several months using many Django libraries. Let me know any comments or questions you might have.

We saved three XL-sized t-shirts from our recent all-company meeting in Istanbul. At first we thought it would be a good idea to give away the shirts through a random drawing. But after mulling it around in our minds for a day or two, we thought we should make it a bit more fun, so we decided to have a small quiz (don’t worry, it’s only one easy question).

Before we get to that, here’s a run-down of what we did in Istanbul. Our community and documentation guys (Daniel Bartholomew, Colin Charles, and Kurt von Finck) had the great idea to create an “Istanbul Haber” (aka Istanbul newspaper) for each day of the meeting. In each issue we shared what happened the previous day and the schedule for current day.

Day One: Friday, 8 Oct 2010

Istanbul Haber Day One PDF: MP Istanbul2010 Day One

Day Two: Saturday, 9 Oct 2010

On day two of our Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting Istanbul 2010 we joined together with SkySQL and enjoyed a talk by Mark C. and Domas M. from Facebook.

Istanbul Haber Day Two PDF: MP Istanbul2010 Day Two

Day Three: Sunday, 10 Oct 2010

Day three of our Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting Istanbul 2010 was on Sunday, 10 Oct 2010. Instead of taking Sunday off and seeing the sights, we decided to work and go on an excursion on Monday. Saturday and Sunday are the heaviest days for tourists in Istanbul so we figured it would be a good way for us to avoid the crowds.

Istanbul Haber Day Three PDF: MP Istanbul2o1o Day Three

Excursion day (aka our final day): Monday, 11 Oct 2010

The last day of our Monty Program Ab All Company Meeting Istanbul 2010 was on Monday, 11 Oct 2010. We spent our last day experiencing Istanbul. The theme of the excursion day was:

  • Downtown and then really down, over the sea, up and a surprise, then crossing the gap, and a warm and relaxing final, …

The description of our excursion day was riddle like and many people asked me about the details. So, for the curious, here is a more in depth description:

Basilica Cistern
  • Over the sea: a Bosporus tour on a private boat crossing the Bosporus from the European to the Asian side.
  • Up and a surprise: up to the Çamlıca Hill, having a quiz about Istanbul and eating “raw meat patty” without knowing it.
  • Crossing the gap: back to the European side of Istanbul by crossing one of the two suspension bridges.
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

Here’s the final Istanbul Haber:

Istanbul Haber final PDF: 2010-10-12-newsletter


We would like to thank

T-Shirt Giveaway

Now that you know what we did in Istanbul, it’s time to give away some t-shirts. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, we have three XL-sized MP Istanbul 2010 t-shirts to give away. The first three participants who answer the following question correctly, will win one of those t-shirts (only one t-shirt per person).

Question: What is Maria in MariaDB and how is it connected to My and Max?

Email your answers to “istanbul2010-contest [at] askmonty (dot) o r g” before 31 Oct 2010. Good luck!

By the way, the design on the t-shirts looks like this:

MP Istanbul2010 T-Shirt Logo

OpenSQLCamp Boston 2010 happens 16-17 October 2010, at MIT in Boston (there is an evening social session on Friday the 15th as well). Its organised by MySQL community aficionado Sheeri Cabral, and by looking at the schedule and sponsors, it is going to be one of the most diverse OpenSQLCamp’s by far.

Monty Program is a sponsor, and I (Colin) will be participating on behalf of Monty Program to bring some information about what’s new from the Istanbul company meeting. More of the company certainly wanted to be at the event, but most are going to be spending some quality vacation time in Istanbul, since our all company meeting only ends on the 12th.

If you have not already registered to attend, what’s keeping you? Its free to attend, and Sheeri tells me that there’s some very cool schwag available for grabs.