After two months of submissions, Monty Program employee review, community voting and Monty’s final decision, we are happy to announce that the Maria storage engine will henceforth be known as …


Congratulations to Chris Tooley who suggested the name. Chris said about Aria in his submission, “Maria without the ‘M’, plus aria is a pleasant musical term.” Chris is now the proud new owner of a System 76 Meerkat net-top computer. Thanks to our good friends at System76 for providing this nifty prize.

Hopefully, in time, “Aria” will also be a pleasing database engine term. And now we will not have the confusion between MariaDB and Maria.

  • hingo

    Excellent choice guys! Somehow fits the style of how many FOSS projects have ended up with their names before (like Gnu's Not Unix and what have you).

  • Marc Delisle

    When can we expect a release with the new name?

  • colincharles

    Once we rename the engine, we expect that the next 5.2 will incorporate the new name. (forward looking statement coming right up :P) And you will see some notable improvements in the engine by 5.3, if all goes to plan in terms of improving the engine.