About Georg Richter

Contributor to various open source projects (Apache, PHP, OpenStreetMap,... ). Georg was leading the MySQL/Oracle connectors team for nearly a decade before he joined SkySQL. He is the author of MariaDB C lgpl client, MariaDB ODBC driver and also contributes to MariaDB server and MariaDB JDBC. In his spare free time he is refurbishing old wooden boats, cooking and playing chess. True to MariaDB's motto "Freedom to work from everywhere" he lives and works half of the year on his boat.

On February 26th 2015 the first meeting of Germany’s Rhein/Neckar User group will take place in Heidelberg.

Georg Richter, lead of MariaDB’s connectors team will give a talk “Don’t! No! Never!- common mistakes in relational database systems”.

Two special guests (Sanja Byelin, MariaDB Server Core Developer and Lawrin Novitsky, lead developer of MariaDB’s Connector/ODBC) will be available too for answering your questions and discussing/collecting your ideas around MariaDB, Percona, MySQL related and other database management systems.

Celebrate free speech, but also free beer (sponsored by MariaDB Corporation) and join on us on Feb. 26th in Heidelberg!

Pub “Gunnars”
Kettengasse 9
69117 Heidelberg Altstadt

Link: http://www.meetup.com/MariaDB-Rhein-Neckar-Usergroup-Meetup/events/220524015/

cc_jdbcThe MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the releases of MariaDB C Client Library 2.0 and MariaDB JDBC Client 1.1.7

The MariaDB Client Library for C 2.0 is a major release which contains more than 70 bug fixes and a lot of new functions and features, e.g.

  • SSH support
  • Dynamic Columns API
  • Support for MinGW and Objective/C
  • Read-ahead cache

…and much more!

For a complete list of all new features please visit MariaDB Client Library for C 2.0.0 Release Notes

We are very proud for getting a tremendous amount of contributions: bug reports, ports, patches and suggestions which helped us a lot to improve the quality and to add new features. Thank you!.

MariaDB Client Library for C is fully compatible to MySQL Connector/C.

We also started documenting the MariaDB Client Library for C – it’s a separate project and not part of the library package and repository. It’s an ongoing process, we plan to publish new versions frequently very soon.

MariaDB JDBC Client 1.1.7 includes several bug fixes and new features, e..g the support of LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE. For a complete list please visit the Release notes page for MariaDB JDBC Client 1.1.7.

Beginning of version 1.1.7 MariaDB JDBC Client will be available from the Maven repository (Please note that it will take 1-2 days before the packages will be visible).

MariaDB Client Library for C and MariaDB JDBC Client are licensed under the LGPL license.