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MariaDB Galera Cluster Alpha immediately available

Today we’re pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB Galera Cluster!

With this release, we’re addressing the numerous requests we’ve received over the past few months for a MariaDB-based Galera Cluster. MariaDB, the more reliable, performant, feature-complete & backwards compatible MySQL database becomes even more attractive by making it available for Galera Cluster.

What is it?

  • A straight merge of MariaDB 5.5.25 with Galera Cluster by Codership
  • An alpha release which should not be used in production environments
  • Using the Galera replication methodology, users get:
    • Synchronous, multi-master replication with guaranteed data consistency
    • This solution provides both read & write scalability

MariaDB Galera Cluster is fully data-compatible with MariaDB or MySQL, as it will work with the standard databases created by these products. There are next to none or very minimal application changes that are required to make the solution work.

Where can I get it?

What’s next?
The plan is for a rapid release cycle to heavily test the performance and usage of MariaDB Galera Cluster in different environments. Please file bugs at:

Seppo Jaakola, CEO for Codership
“It’s great that we are working closely with an upstream provider of a MySQL-compatible binary, MariaDB. We no longer have to spend time coding against out-of-tree changes as we’re part of MariaDB,” stated Jaakola. “The excellent MariaDB engineering team constantly releases new versions of MariaDB with high quality assurance (QA). Codership will continue to collaborate closely with the MariaDB engineering team to improve the product and make new versions of the MariaDB Galera Cluster available.” he continued.

Michael “Monty” Widenius, CEO for Monty Program Ab
“We’ve received a significant amount of requests for a MariaDB based Galera cluster and today we’re proud to deliver that. We’re currently preparing ourselves and our partners for a rollout of the GA product and related professional services via SkySQL to run critical systems on top of MariaDB Galera Cluster.”


The MariaDB Team will together with Codership work on customer requests and demands in the areas of cluster and replication. Please contact us if you are interested in any services we can offer around Galera, MariaDB or MySQL.


  1. 2012-09-08    

    When MariaDB officially released/ported for Ubuntu?

    • 2012-09-10    

      For MariaDB Galera Cluster there are some Debian/Ubuntu packaging bugs that we’re working on. Once those are fixed we’ll release packages for those platforms.

      Regular (non-cluster) MariaDB is available for Debian and Ubuntu at

      • 2012-09-10    

        Today i’m see this, but cann’t found this, thx. When MariaDB (non-clustered) has been in Ubuntu Software Center and standard repositories in distributions. MariaDB can be on MariaDB included in based distributions?

  2. Rick James Rick James

    If every write must be sync’d on every ‘master’, how does it provide “write scalability”?

  3. michee.lengronne michee.lengronne

    I would like to know when can we expect a release for Debian ? Thanks.

  4. michee.lengronne michee.lengronne

    I would like to know how is the mysql database, containing the grants and users, implemented ? Is it in MyIsam even in the cluster ?

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