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MariaDB & MySQL Community Event videos & slides now up

If you couldn’t attend the MariaDB & MySQL Community Event in April 2014, held at the Hilton Santa Clara, fret not as there are slides and videos uploaded for you to watch at your leisure. There is likely to be at least one more community event later this year, so watch the space.

Currently on the page, you’ll find most of the talks with slides and the videos are professionally done – with slide overlays. The audio could be better on some, but for an event that was pulled together by Monty in less than 3 weeks, it’s not too shabby. You can learn What’s new in MariaDB 10, a little more about the SPIDER storage engine, more about the MariaDB optimizer (I found this to be very insightful), ScaleDB, Vitess & YouTube, Big data with NEO, InfiniDB, mysqlv8udfs, and MariaDB with Fusion-io.

Some of these products will make its way into code for MariaDB 10.1 (no promises, but look at the above to see what might be popped in). All that’s missing now are transcripts!

Do you like the videos? Do you think more events should have recordings available? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. shridharbichchal shridharbichchal

    Dear MariaDB Team ,

    I am new to MariaDB. I have question, what is difference between MariaDB.Org and MariaDB,com. Does MariaDB Enterprise Edition has stable and more advance than MariaDB community Database version ?


    • Stephane Varoqui Stephane Varoqui

      Dear Shridharbichchal, is one way to join users sponsoring MariaDB via the SkySQL company. Many code contributions and architecture decisions are today driven in this group. It’s the natural place to look after commercial concerns with the usage of MariaDB server.

      But MariaDB is also improved outside SkySQL via a foundation, and multiple external contributors.

      .org is here to sum all contributions and make a window outside the control of a single company.

      Other than that, the MariaDB server have the same source code in .com .org and SkySQL web site but .com is adding more ressources on top of the server itself, white papers, trainings, additional products like maxscale (proxying solutions), etc ….


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